When you need to prepare your persuasive speech, choosing the best topic is the most important issue. Since the persuasive speech requires to describe a certain problem and make people share your point of view, you must select the topic you are interested in and can tell about easily. It is good to conduct a small prior research when choosing a topic by checking various sources and material. You can use various sources and materials when selecting a topic. Be aware, it is good to both select a topic and look for arguments’ supportive evidence at the same time.

How to choose Good Topic for my Persuasive Speech?

The persuasive speech topic can be any, but it must be concise and easily explained. There is no need to choose a common subject, since you will not write down proper arguments and find good evidence to support them. You need to choose the exact issue you can explain with great arguments and support your point of view with strong evidence. If you need facts and statistics to explain your topic, start your small research right after choosing the best topic. Often, it is great when you sound passionate and can impress the audience with your findings and facts during a speech.

What are Good Persuasive Topics for Australian Students?

Persuasive speech can be a challenge, since it is quite a complex academic assignment that requires a profound analysis and a decent research work to be conducted. Additionally, it is very important to choose a proper topic for a speech, which will allow writer to provide logical arguments and evidence and persuade the audience at the end. The prior research is requested since it can help you find the best subject and collect relevant evidence for your speech. You can use the following list of the best persuasive speech topics presented below.

Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The importance of finance education in modern society.
  2. The right for young people to choose whether to join an army.
  3. The moral principles of surrogate motherhood.
  4. Nuclear power use during the energy crisis.
  5. The effect of violence in TV on teenagers.
  6. Nonprofit organizations and their influence.
  7. Safety of food preservation technologies.
  8. The benefits of outsourcing for people worldwide.
  9. The importance of compulsory vaccination.
  10. The cruelty of animal testing and the ways to forbid it.

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  1. The payments for college athletes for participating in college team.
  2. The usage of steroids in sports team and the outcomes.
  3. The replacement of numerous job positions by robots.
  4. The influence of violent video games on people.
  5. The phenomenon of self-driving cars.
  6. The cancellation of plastic bags usage.
  7. The use of genetically modified nutrients.
  8. The duty of religious organizations to pay taxes.
  9. The compulsory voting in modern society.
  10. The right to buy a gun for teenagers.

Good Speech Topics 2019

  1. The school’s uniforms benefits.
  2. The right for payment for interns.
  3. The increase of minimum wage.
  4. The Black Friday sales phenomenon.
  5. The increase of Internet use in the world.
  6. The music therapy as an official treatment.
  7. The free enter into national museums.
  8. The graffiti as the modern art.
  9. The civil marriages and their benefits.
  10. The right for transgender people to serve in the military.

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The increase of immigration limits in the future.
  2. The popularity of traditional books in modern society.
  3. The bad effects of freedom of press in modern world.
  4. The reasons to use surveillance cameras in community places.
  5. The influence of social media over teenagers.
  6. The danger of cell phones use while driving.
  7. The use of robots at modern workplaces.
  8. The improved punishment for driving being drunk.
  9. The four-day working week’s benefits.
  10. Treating bloggers as journalists.

Health Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The outcomes of marijuana legitimization.
  2. The improvements of health care system.
  3. Changing to single-payer health care system.
  4. The outcomes of assisted suicide.
  5. The compulsory blood donations.
  6. Music therapy as a solid treatment.
  7. The influence of genetically modified food over health.
  8. The courses of health care for students.
  9. The relinquishment of plastic bags use.
  10. The increased budget on health care.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Virtual reality effects over young people.
  2. Being a Facebook friend with your mom.
  3. Academic essays are useless.
  4. Blame your horoscope for problems in your life.
  5. Blonds are as same clever as other people.
  6. Boys gossip as same as girls do.
  7. Spending your time with virtual friends.
  8. Favorite books and TV shows characters.
  9. Fathers can be more fun than mothers.
  10. The tendency to wear a beard in modern society.

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

  1. The importance of school uniform.
  2. Being friended with teachers on Facebook.
  3. The right to bring cell phones to school.
  4. Payment for good and excellent grades.
  5. Healthy food options for students.

What’s Next

Choosing a proper topic is only the beginning. In the same time, it is an important work to be done carefully. Once you have a chosen topic and sources, it is high time to start preparing your persuasive speech. Since the persuasive speech requires explanation of a certain problem, it allows writer to describe many details of the topic. In the same time, it is important to make people support your point of view. Therefore, be ready to conduct certain research works and analyses while preparing your speech. Use the up-to-date sources and materials to prepare a persuasive speech. Always stay passionate and interested in what you are telling your audience about to impress and persuade them eventually.