Expository essay is one of the complex academic assignments, which requires a profound analysis to be conducted and great writing skills. This type of essay needs a detailed analysis of a certain situation and the information provided in a simple language. Thus, it is important to reveal important facts and data, but put them into simple words. This is quite a difficult assignment for students in Australia, and it is usually built according to the next formula: detailed information plus analysis. Every writer needs to be aware of the latest instruments and methods of a profound analysis, and be ready to provide numerous research works’ results. Expository essay brings a need to check every used material and source very carefully in order to provide a perfect essay paper with a strong evidence base and arguments.

What are the 5 Types of Expository Writing?

Expository essay is aimed at clarifying a certain problem or event in a simple language. The essay must be always informative and interesting for audience.

There are several types of expository essay papers, including the following ones:

  1. Cause and Effect Essay

    This is the exact essay’s type that describes certain reasons of the situation occurred and the possible effects it can bring. This type of expository essay is the most often assigned by tutors. Students need to discuss the causes of a certain problem or event naming at least five causes and their effects.

  2. Problem and Solution Essay
    This expository essay’s type reveals a definite problem and provides its solutions. This type of essay is the most common for subject exams. The writer should provide a list of solutions to deal with a problem in the most effective way. Moreover, this essay’s type requires a good introduction and a conclusion.
  3. Classification Essay
    Once dealing with classification essay, every author needs to use a set criteria and sort out things into various categories basing on the mentioned criteria. Every category used is distinguished by unique features, and remains an original class.
  4. Contrast or Comparison Essay
    Contrast and Comparison essay requires a detailed explanation of an assigned subject and characteristics of its differences and similarities with another familiar subjects.
  5. Definition Essay
    This essay’s variety requires to define an assigned problem or event; thus it needs a lot of information to be revealed. Moreover, definite essays also include history facts, origin of a certain event, and the writers’ perspective as well.
  6. Process Essay
    This kind of essay provides a tutorial of how do thing work or how to do something in general or in particular.

What is an Expository Essay Outline?

The Expository Essay has the same organization as other essay papers. It includes an introduction, the main paragraphs, and a conclusion. Moreover, an outline is an essential part of an expository essay as well. The outline allows creating a plan of a further writing process. Therefore, it helps to focus on the most important elements of an expository essay paper.

The Expository Essay structure includes the following elements:

  • Introduction

This is an imperative part of an essay, which reveals the central topic of the paper and its key thesis statement. The introduction is the brief explanation of the research work with basic information and main focuses outlined.

  • Body Paragraphs

This is the part of the text where all the arguments and their supportive evidence are revealed. Here, the writer can provide his own point of view and perspective. The body usually consists of three to five paragraphs.

  • Concluding

The conclusion is the closing part of an essay paper, which includes the results of the analyses conducted and recommendations provided by an author.

How do you start an expository essay?

The writer can use various literature hooks (anecdotes, quotes, comparisons, etc.) when writing an introduction in order to provide an attention-grabbing information. You can start your paper with controversial statement or question to intrigue the readers. Since, the introduction is the brief explanation of the conducted analyses, make sure to point the main focuses in this defined part of the text.

How do you End an Expository Essay?

The conclusion part requires results of various analyses, including facts and figures. It is great to provide writers’ personal point of view and perspective when providing a conclusion. Be aware to use only up-to-date and reliable sources and materials in your paper. The conclusions require certain recommendation to be provided for readers to use.

What is an Expository Essay Example?

Many students when performing an expository essay try to use various online guides and tips. Often, students use ready-made samples and examples to figure out how to write an excellent essay paper with a proper structure and style format. We have some examples of an expository essay papers Australian students may use when writing an essay, presented below.

Topic: The Effective Way to Stay Happy

Happiness is a quite subjective category since every person has its own definition of a concept “happiness”. The common phrase “Be happy!” is a well-known saying that recalls the fact that people can create their happiness by themselves, and that our surroundings rarely influence our personal happiness much. In the same time, where do we need to look for a happiness?

People, have different answers to this ever-existed question. In fact, there is no special recipe on how to stay happy. Definitely, since the happiness is a lack of negative thoughts and situations in your life, we can deal with the first part of this formula. Once changing your own mind and starting thinking more positively, there are great chances to become happier. In the same time, this is one among a million existed methods of how to stay happy. Mostly, people create their own effective methods of staying happy after thousands of different methods tested.


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