The introduction is an important part of every essay paper, which contains the basic information and motivation for readers to carry on reading an essay. This part of an essay paper remains the first information reader gets once reaching the article. Therefore, it requires impressive grammar, persuasive character of storytelling, and various literature hooks. Since, this is a complex matter to provide a proper introduction, numerous experienced writers write the introduction part after completing the entire essay paper.

In order to write a good introduction, follow the next tips and guides:

  • Start the introduction with a hook (provocative questions, famous quotes, interesting facts, etc.).
  • Include a brief and concise thesis statement;
  • Use a simple language and avoid complex concepts;
  • Put the main information into one or two paragraphs;
  • Make the introduction attention-grabbing.

Since, the introduction remains an essential part of every essay paper, it must be informative and attention-grabbing to intrigue the reader and let him continue reading an essay paper.

What do you put in an Essay Introduction?

The introduction is the exact part of an essay paper, which must attract the readers’ attention with some hooks (anecdotes, provocative questions, famous quotes, interesting facts, etc.)

Therefore, a good introduction consists of the following elements:

  • An attention-grabbing beginning (anecdotes, dialogues, starling information, summary information, etc.);
  • The thesis statement included;
  • A few additional sentences that reveal the topic.

The beginning of an introduction always includes some attention-grabbing elements; thus it is great to use interesting information or fact that can impress your readers. Moreover, it is preferable to use only verified facts to illustrate your point of view and reveal your arguments. Anecdotes can be also used, especially when they are relevant to the revealed topic. It is better for anecdote to be short. Dialogues can be used if they bring a great illustration of the topic. Mostly, students prefer including a summary information into an introduction, thus writing down a few sentences of general terms and the thesis statement in the end is requested.

The introduction has its conclusions, where the main points are summed up and the reader gets a chance to see the final perspective of the revealed topic. The conclusion is usually three- or four-sentence part, which is written due to no special formula. It remains a description of a few main points of the topic.

How do you Structure an Introduction?

When you tend to write a great essay paper, make sure to provide a logical flow of thoughts, opinions and supportive evidence in your essay paper. It is important to provide an attention-grabbing introduction. It must contain the main thesis statement, which should be clear and concise, and the basic information revealed in one or two paragraphs.

The main features of a good essay paper introduction:

  • It explains the essay’s context.

The introduction is started with an opening statement, where the main subject and background are established. This part of the text contains the identification of the topic and the problem revealed. The writer should answer the questions of “Who?”, “Why?”, and “Where” when performing an introduction.

  • Reveal the main focus of an essay (the thesis statement).

The thesis statement is a key element of the entire essay paper. It must be included into an introduction, thus it helps readers to get what the entire article will be about, and what arguments and evidence it will reveal. The thesis statement is often included into the last sentence of the introduction. Moreover, it reveals the main focus of the entire paper.

  • Shows the essay’s structure.

The introduction outlines the further structure of the essay paper and its organization. The introduction is an attention-grabbing primer part of an essay, which contains literature hooks (provocative questions, famous quotes, interesting facts, etc.) and a thesis statements with additional information about the topic. It reveals the further paragraph’s structure and their organization. 

Essay Introduction Examples

Many students in Australia when performing an Essay Introduction use a ready-made samples and examples to improve own writings. We have some useful examples of an Essay Introduction presented below.

Topic: How to Make the world a Better Place

Can the well-educated people make this world better? Or has it ever been about education when you tend to change the world? Many people tell that intelligent people can figure out the better ways to change the world. But how to deal with those people who are clever enough, but have no sympathy in their hearts? Often, people need to decide for themselves what life they want to have and what life they want for their children and grandchildren. It depends on us how to improve the society and make our life is really worth of living. Changing a world, making it better is not simple slogans, but an agenda of many organizations and people, who want to make this world a better place for living.

Topic: Virtual Reality Outcomes

Many people have already become an Internet-addicted changing their real life in favor of a virtual world. Even if it sounds too depressing, virtual reality has become an alternative for people who have not found own purpose in life. Definitely, many people blame the modern technologies and devices thinking that the development of the high technologies and software has brought such a rapid change of people’s preferences. In the same time, virtual world is just a place you agree or disagree to stay for a long. You are the only one who chooses whether to develop yourself and build your real life or become a virtual world citizen. There are a lot of addictions around us, but we are the only one to choose whether to give in to them or not.


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