Persuasive essay is an exceptional type of academic essay paper, which provides a description of a certain problem and lean towards proving the writer’s judgment. When performing a persuasive essay, every writer needs to be well aware of the top characteristics of a good persuasive essay paper. In particular, a good persuasive essay is a well-written paper, which can easily convince the reader of the writer’s point of view correctness. Consequently, this particular academic assignment is aimed at persuading the audience. Therefore, it is not enough to simply postulate a certain point of view and describe the existed problem. The writer must share his point of view with readers and persuade them to support his opinions. The exceptional persuasive essay always contains results of an insightful research work, which is based on a deep analysis of the up-to-date, trustworthy sources and materials.

How do you Write a Powerful Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive essay is the exact essay paper that requires a profound analysis and a decent research work to be conducted. Moreover, this quite a complex academic assignment always bases on reliable current data and sources. Therefore, it is very important to choose a proper topic for an essay, learn the format and structure of the essay in advance. The prior analysis of the sources will allow writer to provide logical arguments and evidence as well. Moreover, a small research of materials and data can help you find the best subject, format, and collect relevant up-to-date evidence.

Follow the next tips and guides in order to perform a powerful persuasive essay paper:

  • Conduct a prior research of credible up-to-date evidence to prove your point of view.
  • Check and analyze your target audience to discover the similarity of your opinions.
  • Select the top persuasive essay topics, based on evidence base and credible sources.
  • Create a paper with a proper format and standard essay structure.
  • Work out the logical order beforehand, based on the collected evidence.
  • Write a paper’s outline, an impressive and attention-grabbing introduction, the main body paragraphs, and a practical conclusion.

Always focus on the up-to-date statistics, and reliable data when performing a persuasive essay paper.

What Should a Persuasive Essay Avoid?

There are a few tips about the things you need to avoid when completing a persuasive essay:

  • avoid outdated materials and figures to be used in the text;
  • avoid focusing on very descriptive explanation of events and processes;
  • avoid complicated and long thesis statements;
  • avoid using complex vocabulary.

Base your essay paper only on up-to-date materials and figures, and try to reveal your point of view in a simple language.

How do you Format a Persuasive Essay?

The persuasive essay has a standard format, thus every writer must include an attention-grabbing introduction, the main body paragraphs, and a practical conclusion into the paper.

The persuasive essay format brings the need to include the following essential parts:

  • Introduction

This is an essential part of every persuasive essay paper, which requires a brief and concise thesis statement to be included. The introduction must be informative and attention-grabbing to let the reader continue reading an essay paper.

  • Body Paragraphs

The main arguments and supported evidence must be included into this part of the paper. Every new argument should be started with a new paragraph.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion needs to be practical with recommendations included. It must allow readers to use the writers finding in order to deal with own problems.

It is important to start your paper with a proper outline. The outline is the exact important element of every essay paper, which organizes the entire writing process and lets writers to focus on the main parts of the text. Always use reliable and up-to-date sources and figures to provide a strong evidence base. In addition, at all times try to expose the topic in the way for audience to fully support your point of view in the end.

How do you Start a Persuasive Essay?

In order to write a powerful persuasive essay, make sure to provide a logical flow of thoughts, points of view and evidence in your essay paper. It is important to remember that every essential part of an essay (a main thesis statement, the top arguments) must be supported by an up-to-date reliable evidence (current indicators, conclusions of conducted research works, etc.).

The introduction is an important part of a persuasive essay paper. It must contain the main thesis statement, which should be clear and concise, and the basic information revealed in one or two paragraphs. The introduction must be attention-grabbing and include some literature hooks (provocative questions, famous quotes, interesting facts, etc.). This part of an essay must persuade the readers to continue reading an essay and support the writer’s arguments eventually.

What is an Example of a Persuasive Writing?

Many students when performing a persuasive essay use a ready-made samples and examples of this exceptional type of essay paper to improve own writings. We have some useful examples of a persuasive essay paper presented below.

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